Tempahan Jahitan Borong

In Ila Fashion House .. we serve an order of sewing baju kurung in bulk with reasonable price in current market. The minimum qty is 50 pcs. Beside that we also taking order to sewing baju kurung kanak-kanak from age of 2 years till 12 years old also in bulk quantity.

Baju Kurung Thai Silk Labuci

Baju is the term for clothing in the Malay language . Since Malaysia comprises three major cultures: Malay, Chinese and Indian, each culture has its own traditional and religious articles of clothing all of which are gender specific and may be adapted to local influences and conditions

For the Malay culture, the men wear baju melayu with a songkok or cap, on their head. Traditional clothing for men in Malaysia consists of a silk or cotton skirt and shirt with a scarf like piece of cloth tied around his waist. This scarf is sewn together at the ends and is traditionally called a sarong or a kain. Most of the clothing is made up of bright and bold colors.

For women, the ensemble comprises a long-sleeved loose fitting long blouse worn over a matching sarong. Batik sarong is not usually worn with the Baju Kurung except for very casual wear at home when no attempt is made to match the Baju. To complete the outfit, a long scarf (selendang) is worn around the shoulders or around the head, crossed loosely at the front of the neck.

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